supermodel: Meet Gigi Hadid, the new face of Victoria’s Secret

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Following her “superwoman” appearance in the iconic Pirelli Calendar 2015, model Gigi Hadid has reportedly scored another top gig, as the new face of Victoria’s Secret younger line Pink. Here we talk exclusively to fashion’s rising star.

It’s been a good year for the 19-year-old with appearances at some of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows including Chanel, big brand campaign shoots for the likes of Cavalli and Tom Ford and a slot in the legendary Pirelli calendar.

In the US, Hadid is not a new name, rather she has been in the public eye for many years, thanks to her mother Yolanda Foster, who stars in the American reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Gigi Hadid in Pirelli Calendar 2015
It is for this reason, like Kardashian star-turned-model Kendall Jenner, Hadid has been criticised for using her family’s fame to conquer the fashion industry at such young age, something the model denies.

“Yeah on one side we [Kendall Jenner and herself] have great families that have been in the spotlight and have taught a lot on that side of things, but we also have the work ethics to back it up. And I just want to be someone that is known because like to be working with me, even when they don’t know about my mum,” she told The Independent.

“Because my mom was in the industry and because I have a great team behind me, I was taught the basics as a kid… Other girls need to take two years to learn the basics, but I started with a lot of this knowledge and I was able to develop my own work ethic and my own style in the past two years and I kind have stuff ahead.” Celebrity offspring: Gigi Hadid and Partrick Schwarzenegger

Talking about her stellar year she assures that her “three things: work hard, be nice and make a friend” have led her to jobs. “I’ve met so many people that have led me to opportunities like the Pirelli Calendar that I would have never thought that was possible for me.”
Just days after the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Show stormed London, Hadid revealed she’s now working with the lingerie giant on social media with a picture of her sitting in the make-up chair accompanied by the caption “Being a goof on set of @VSPink.”

Hadid and her friend Kendall were both rumoured to be making their Victoria’s Secret debut at this year’s show, but didn’t. However, it looks like Hadid is likely to make an appearance next year, following the steps of models Behati Prinsloo and Chanel Iman, who both began modelling for Pink and are now regulars for the lingerie brand.

With just two years in the modelling business, Hadid has tried many areas of the industry, from high fashion to more commercial appearances; and lingerie seemed the natural next step. “Becoming a good model is about being able to see the differences first of all and then be able to bring the differences to the image. Just sexy in itself has so many different sides: you can be effortlessly sexy, powerful sexy or you can be like over the top sexy.” Also, up-and-coming model Gigi Hadid sports a white and pastel tuxedo from Prabal Gurung's spring 2015 collection
But more significant than coming from a famous family, is the era of social media, a key tool for Hadid with her 1.2 million followers. “Social media is definitely something that is setting models apart because it makes someone relatable,” she said. “Girls are following me because I’m a model and because they want to see the behind the scenes aspect of it. They’re also following because there’s someone, hopefully, that they want to be friends with. And I think there are a lot of models that don’t understand it.

“Companies are going to look at your following and your ability to connect to different age groups and different people and if you can connect to a lot of people by just being relatable and by showing people different sides of your life and different sides of you then you’re going to be able to represent a brand because you have a voice and that’s what brands are looking for.”

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Hadid seems to be aiming high and leaving her reality TV background far behind, and with this latest Victoria’s Secret news, we can expect to see much more of her in 2015. “I don’t want that [reality TV] to be who I am. I do it to support my mom but I don’t want to be a reality TV star at all. I love my family but I want this to be my thing,” she said.

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