Prom Dress Dilemma? ASOS Has Got Your Back With Its Hot New Collection.

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Looking to ace your prom dress or keen to be the best dressed guest at that big summer wedding? ASOS has got you covered with its new occasion wear range

Now that spring has [almost] sprung, our thoughts are now officially geared towards what the warmer months will bring. For many of us, there will be weddings aplenty, summer soiree's that crop up on a weekly basis and garden parties that call for something that little bit more special than our usual Saturday night attire.

For others — we're talking about the blissful youth — there will be those all-important school proms, graduation parties and leavers balls at which only the most beautiful of dresses and ensembles will do. And that's where ASOS comes in...

Admittedly, ASOS has become a bit of a problem for most of us at InStyle HQ — with its seemingly endless stream of new in goodies, on-point prices and, of course, the allure of its Next Day Delivery service, we're the first to admit we're addicted to it.

Not content with ruling our day-to-day wardrobes, ASOS has set its sights on taking care of our occasion wear needs to boot with its new and VERY beautiful range of formal attire.

Part of the range will focus specifically on all-things weddings so, whether you've got some serious bridesmaid duties lined up or just want to take home the (metaphorical) crown for the big day's best-dressed guest, you're sure to find your dream look in the collection.

It goes without saying that ASOS has got the pretty dress thing down but if you're more into your separates, they've still got you covered. From crop tops and midi skirts to luxe tailoring, there's plenty to choose from if dresses just aren't your thing.

If you're lucky enough to be at the age where you're just leaving school or uni, 1) we're super jealous and 2) finding the perfect get-up for your prom or graduation ball just got 100% easier thanks to our friends at ASOS.

Jacquards and engineered prints in bonded fabrics are the order of the day, accompanied by embellished and sequin styles that really bring all the glamour to your event.

What's more, it's also got your accessories nailed too! Adorned with sparkle and faux fur, the add-on's in the range prove to be just as beaut as the clothes themselves. And that's no small feat...

With its occasion wear styles launching today and its bridesmaid capsule landing on site in early April, there's never been a better time to get your summer party look sussed. To make things even easier, we've edited down our the hottest pieces from the collection that you can shop NOW. Welcomes.

 If you DON'T have any fancy 'dos to go to over the summer, we suggest you sort that out pronto.

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